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6G Sensor Technology: How Mobile Networks Will Utilize Sensor Work, Detecting Dangers Beforehand

by khushahal vishwakarma
6G Sensor Technology

6G Sensor Technology: The inauguration of the India Mobile Congress 2023, the largest tech event in Asia, has taken place. This three-day event is being held in New Delhi and was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On the first day of this event, major companies like Nokia and Ericsson unveiled their 6G technology.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Inaugurates the Event: You’re driving through a mountainous or forested area, and before reaching a particular spot, you’re alerted about an elephant or a wild animal on the road. This possibility is on the horizon with the development of 6G sensor technology by telecom companies. This technology will provide warnings about potential dangers in advance, from individuals to vehicles like buses, trucks, and cars. It will also significantly aid in capturing offenders.

Nokia and Ericsson Showcase 6G Sensor Technology:

In the India Mobile Congress on Friday, Nokia and Ericsson showcased the 6G sensor technology, which even Prime Minister Narendra Modi witnessed. Poonam Krishnamurthy, Nokia’s Director of R&D, explained that under the 6G Sensor Technology, all network sensors will function like a piano, detecting and providing information about any person, animal, or object. She mentioned that if a stone falls on the road while you’re driving, the information will be communicated through the 6G device installed in your car.

Public Usage to Commence by 2030: If someone is fleeing in a car, information about that will also be available on other 6G devices. This technology has been developed for public use and is expected to begin by the year 2030.

Ericsson’s Presentation at the Mobile Congress: In addition to Nokia’s showcase, Ericsson also presented the 6G Sensor Technology at the Mobile Congress, displaying a T-shirt equipped with sensors that can capture all sorts of data through its sensor mechanism.

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