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8kun Launches Its Own AI Chatbot

by hrithik singh t

Jim Watkins: Maestro of Digital Resurrections

In the vast expanse of the internet, websites, in their unrelenting pursuit of innovation, are now toying with the idea of integrating AI-powered chatbots onto their homepages. This trend, intriguingly, has extended its tendrils to 8kun, a notorious far-right image board infamous for its tumultuous content.

The Birth of 8kun AI

Jim Watkins, the visionary behind reviving 8chan, banished from the web in 2019, recently divulged the arrival of the site’s latest creation, eloquently christened the “8kun AI.” Revealed on a Tuesday through the mysterious platform X, Watkins announced that the AI is actively evolving, inviting a select few for testing.

“The 8kun AI is now open for further beta testing. Please use it responsibly. Let’s not jeopardize its integrity. We’re currently in the process of training the AI, an endeavor expected to span approximately a year. Your inquiries will play a pivotal role in shaping its evolution.”

The Training Odyssey

In subsequent communications, Watkins illuminated the training regimen, affirming that the chatbot is immersing its digital acumen in the current 8kun content—a meticulous process slated for a year-long gestation period.

On the dedicated 8kun page showcasing the chatbot, a cryptic decree stipulates that only “Proto members” have the privilege to explore the enigmatic prowess of the chatbot. Unfortunately, lacking Proto membership, I could only observe from the periphery as the technological spectacle unfolded.

Ron Watkins’ Optimism and the Unveiling Reality

Ron Watkins, possibly overly optimistic, conveyed on X his confidence in the chatbot’s capabilities, asserting superiority over Grok, Elon Musk’s edgelord chatbot. However, starkly contrasting Ron’s affirmation, the 8kun chatbot’s responses often create a mosaic of incoherence—a digital pandemonium.

Navigating Chaotic Dialogues

Take, for instance, a user’s query: “who would win in a fight, Howard the Duck or Batman?” The chatbot’s response, a perplexing verbal cascade, stands as a testament to its erratic nature.

“In another ‘answer,’ the chatbot seemingly alleges that JFK was assassinated by a ‘CIA agent’ named ‘Robert Kennedy Jr.’ When probed about its dreams, the chatbot regurgitates what appears to be an encrypted lexicon tethered to the U.S. legal code.

Unraveling Unintended Wisdom

Contrary to Watkins’ assertion of the chatbot’s exclusive immersion in 8kun’s archives, it exhibits an unexpected appetite for diverse texts. Instances abound where responses mirror excerpts from Democracy Now, a left-leaning news program. A user’s inquiry about Jeffrey Epstein led to a bewildering response quoting Amy Goodman’s introduction.

Theological Learning Expedition

Watkins proudly proclaimed the chatbot’s varied reading list, including multiple versions of the Bible. Yet, he maintains a hands-off approach, accentuating the machine’s autonomy in digesting 8kun, old public domain books, and synthesizing knowledge over a year.

A Cautionary Advisory

In a candid admission, Watkins discourages seeking medical or any advice from the AI in the foreseeable future. A prudent counsel, given the potential labyrinth of internet musings one might encounter when delving into the enigmatic 8kun AI.


1. Who is Jim Watkins?
– Jim Watkins is the visionary behind the infamous far-right image board 8kun, known for its controversial content.

2. What is the trend that 8kun is now exploring?
– 8kun is now exploring the integration of AI-powered chatbots onto their homepage, following a trend seen on other websites.

3. When was the 8kun AI announced?
– The 8kun AI was announced by Jim Watkins on a Tuesday through the mysterious platform X.

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