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Amber Heard’s New Beginning: A Chapter After the Trial – Does it Compel a Significant Life in Spain? DEATH Inside

by khushahal vishwakarma
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Since the verdict of the defamation case, Amber Heard has stayed out of the public eye. And now that the documentary has been released, her name is once again in the headlines.

“Deep vs. Netflix” – the Heard documentary on Netflix – has certainly garnered the attention that its creators were aiming for. Since its release, it has sparked discussions about all the events surrounding the internet trial, as past events resurface once more.

While Johnny Depp has moved on from the entire incident, enjoying a peaceful life in Somerset’s West County and even directing his second film “Modi,” Amber Heard seems to be living a secluded life away from the public eye. So, what is the Aquaman actress up to after her trial? Everything you need to know is right here.

Where is Amber Heard Now? Post the defamation trial, the only public information about Amber Heard’s whereabouts is her presence in “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

On that note, the actress commented that she had worked “really hard” to stay in the sequel, but due to the controversies surrounding her role reduction in “Aquaman” due to the Johnny Depp case, her role in “The Lost Kingdom” was “trimmed.” Regarding her residence, the actress is currently living a low-profile life away from the public eye.

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Months after the trial, she resided in the Yucca Valley desert city. Subsequently, she sold her home for $1.1 million and chose to travel to Europe. Amber now resides with her daughter, Oonagh Paige. Reports have suggested that she left the US due to perceiving “too much injustice” in the country.

Amber Heard’s Future Plans Currently, it seems that Amber is not actively engaged in any particular project. In November 2022, reports indicated that Amber Heard is “only capable of being a mother right now. She’s focusing on raising her daughter. She spends every day with her little girl. They travel around, go to parks, and enjoy family time. Amber is a good mother.” The time during and after the trial has been challenging for her.

It appears she’s taking her time to deal with the legal matters and then perhaps consider a return. An industry insider affirmed, “Before, during, and after the trial, Amber was a mess. But she’s doing better now.” As more information comes in, this section will be updated. Keep an eye on Pinkvilla for updates.

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