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Change this one Apple iPhone setting to stop apps from tracking you

by hrithik singh t
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Apple iphone announced App tracking features in June 2020 while unveiling iOS14. The same came to app apps in the second half of 2022. Apple said. In iOS 14, users will be asked if they want to be tracked by the app. Apple also said it will also require app developers to self-report the kinds of permissions that their apps request. This will improve transparency, allowing the user to know what kind of data they may have to give over in order to use the app. It also will explain how that collected data could be tracked outside of the app.
In simple words, Apple’s App Tracking Transparency feature offers Apple users a simple choice, to allow apps to track their activity or not. If you choose to opt-out, Apple will prevent the app from accessing identifiers that link your device with your activity on an app, usually shared with advertisers to create targeted ad

How to turn off app tracking on new apps

Here’s how you can turn off app tracking in the news app that you download. Look for the app in the App Store. Once downloaded, open the new app, you’ll get a pop-up notification that asks if you want to let the app track your activity across other companies’ apps and websites. It will also show you the information about what the app would track. You can tap Ask App Not to Track to block that activity or Allow.
You can also opt out of app tracking across every app you download by making this change default. Go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Tracking and toggling off Allow Apps to Request to Track. This means any app that tries to ask for your permission will be automatically blocked from asking and told that you have requested not to be tracked. All apps (other than those that you have given permission to track in the past) will be blocked from accessing your phone’s information used for advertising, according to Apple.
Please note that this does not mean that ads will disappear. It just means that you are more likely to see generic ads, and not about the perfume or any other product you searched for or clicked on.
How to turn off app tracking on apps that you have already downloaded
You can also turn app tracking permissions On or Off on a per-app basis.
To do this, go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Tracking. Here you will see the list of apps that have requested to track you. Tap the toggle next to the apps you want to stop tracking you.
All app developers are required to ask for permission for tracking. If Apple learns a developer is tracking users who asked not to be tracked, they will need to either update their tracking practices or else potentially face rejection from the app store.
Please remember that when you ask apps not to track you, what you’re saying is that you do not want app developers to have access to your unique identifier that Apple created specifically for advertisers — your IDFA. Denying access to your iPhone‘s IDFA doesn’t necessarily mean app developers won’t track you through other means, so it is important to be mindful of the apps you use and how you interact with them.
For those unaware, IDFA is a random device identifier assigned by Apple to a user’s device. Since the rollout of iOS 14.5 and App Tracking Transparency (ATT) advertisers are required to ask for user consent via a prompt to access the IDFA.


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