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Arya 3 Teaser: Sushmita Sen’s ‘Mafia Queen’ is Deadlier Than Ever

by khushahal vishwakarma
Arya 3 Teaser

Arya 3 Teaser: In the upcoming season of Arya, Sushmita Sen takes on goons, dodges attacks, and remains deeply involved in swordplay.

In 2020, Sushmita Sen made a successful comeback with Arya. She left a lasting impression on fans starting from Season 2 of the show. Now, as fans eagerly await Arya Season 3, the producers have released a teaser. The teaser is a thrilling and mysterious 30-second glimpse. The show will start streaming on Disney+ Hotstar on      November 3rd.

Watch the Arya 3 Teaser –

Sushmita Sen’s ‘Mafia Queen’ character is more lethal than ever, as she fights goons, fires bullets, and even wields a sword, promising an action-packed third season. Disney+ Hotstar shared the teaser with the caption, “The one with the crown on her head also becomes the target. #HotstarSpecials #Aarya Season 3, streaming exclusively on @disneyplushotstar from November 3rd. Arya Penoz is the official adaptation of a Dutch crime series.

Sushmita Sen has mentioned that her character Arya Sareen has become a significant part of her life. She stated, “Returning to my role for Arya Season 3 is an honour. In this season, we’ll see Arya’s formidable strength as she takes on her enemies and begins building her empire, all while facing personal struggles and threats to her loved ones.” Arya’s story is a testament to a woman who challenges life’s obstacles and can go to any extent to protect her loved ones. Arya Season 3 is not just a show; it’s an emotional journey that fills me with love and pride.”

Sushmita had to halt the shooting for Arya Season 3 earlier this year due to a heart ailment. She shared the news a few days later, revealing that she had undergone an angioplasty. In an Instagram live session, the actress disclosed that it was a ‘major heart incident’ involving a 95% blockage in one of her arteries. She also thanked the Arya team for their support during her recovery.

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