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Pakistan’s Young Cricket Star Ayesha Naseem Announces Shock Retirement at 18 for Religious Reasons

by khushahal vishwakarma
Ayesha Naseem

Pakistan’s cricket sensation, Ayesha Naseem, has taken the sports world by surprise as she announces her unexpected retirement at the young age of 18, citing religious reasons. Read on to learn more about her decision and the impact it may have on the future of women’s cricket.

Ayesha Naseem announces-shock-retirement:

As per several reports, Pakistani cricketer Ayesha Naseem has announced her decision to retire from international cricket at the age of 18 due to religious reasons. A promising young talent in Pakistani cricket, Ayesha has decided to bid farewell to international cricket at a young age.Having made her decision, she formally communicated her retirement to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), seeking official confirmation and closure to her illustrious career.
Ayesha, who bowls with the white ball, had hopes of becoming an experienced advocate for the Pakistani team. Last year, she participated in the T20 World Cup, representing the Green Army. Having graced the cricket field with her remarkable talent and dedication.

she made her mark by participating in four One Day Internationals (ODIs) and an impressive tally of 30 T20Is, representing and shining brightly for the Pakistani women’s cricket team. With her remarkable performances against a strong Australian team, she made her mark in the world of cricket. In a match against Australia, she scored 24 runs off 20 balls, including four sixes and one boundary.

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It is reported that Ayesha chose the option of stepping away from international cricket to pursue a life in accordance with Islam. She expressed to the PCB, “I am leaving cricket and want to live my life according to Islam.” This decision comes just three years after she made her debut in international cricket in 2020. Throughout her career with the Green Army, she scored more than 400 runs in 34 international matches.

In ODIs, Ayesha scored 33 runs for Pakistan, contributing to a total of 369 runs in the shortest format of the game. She made her international debut in T20 cricket during the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup 2020 against Thailand. In 2023, she played her final match for Pakistan against Australia. In her last appearance, she bowled three overs against Australia and remained wicketless.

The renowned Asian team, Pakistan, will host a three-match T20 series against South Africa’s women’s team next month.

Ayesha Nasim’s decision to retire from cricket at a young age to follow her beliefs and live life according to Islam showcases her dedication to her faith and principles.

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