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“Baby Movie Review: Anand Deverakonda’s Impressive and Divisive Masterpiece Delivers 5 Must-See Moments”

by khushahal vishwakarma

An Emotional Rollercoaster Starring Anand Deverakonda and Vaishnavi Chaitanya is baby movie- A Thought-Provoking Tale with Moral Ambiguities and Character Depth”

Reviewing ‘Baby’ Movie

The movie ‘Baby’ has been designed as a gripping narrative, much like a cautionary tale. It tells the story of a girl whose aspirations are being shattered by the chaos around her. On the surface, the film appears to be a simple story of an urban girl from a “basti” (slum) losing her way in the whirlwind of city life and how her innocence impacts the lives of three main characters.


Anand and Vaishnavi live in the same “basti” and have been in love since their school days. While Anand has given up studies and now drives an auto-rickshaw, Vaishnavi is pursuing engineering. Her wide-eyed innocence and love for materialistic things inadvertently push her from one mistake to another. She gets close to Viraj, a wealthy and handsome guy from college. She makes some wrong choices but hesitates to step back, even if it means getting trapped in impossible situations. Soon, she becomes entangled with both Viraj and Anand as she navigates through morally ambiguous paths, ultimately dragging them all into the chaos she creates.

The film’s producer deserves credit for maintaining a neutral standpoint, ensuring that no character is painted completely good or evil.”The pivotal catalyst of the film solely lies within Vaishnavi. It is her unwavering aspirations, relentless determination, and crucial missteps that dominantly shape the fates of the male protagonists, propelling the captivating narrative forward.”. Newcomer Vaishnavi Chaitanya portrays this character with such brilliance that whenever the camera focuses on her, we willingly accept her choices. She is sure to receive accolades and recognition for this role.


Anand Deverakonda surprises us with his remarkable performance as the distressed lover. In the scenes before the interval, when he learns about his betrayal and decides to confront the girl, he delivers a lifetime performance. Viraj Ashwin leaves an impression with his portrayal as well.

Naga Babu, playing the role of the girl’s father, and Viva Harsha, along with other supporting cast members, contribute significantly to advancing the story. Vaishnavi’s friend in college, who initially seems important to the narrative, disappears without much explanation. The character of a mute mother, and the reason behind Anand’s annoyance with her, is not explicitly revealed in the film. Even the ruthless moneylender undergoes a transformation towards the end, becoming a compassionate person.

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Vijay Bulganin’s songs and background score perfectly complement the overall mood and elevate it further. The cinematography in ‘Baby’ is commendable.

Compared to Sai Rajesh’s previous slapstick comedy films, ‘Baby’ stands out as a deep and emotionally driven piece that raises several questions for the audience. The film deserves praise for taking risks and remaining true to its vision. The mention of this film in the list of cult classics like ‘7/G Brindavan Colony,’ ‘Premisthe,’ ‘RX 100,’ and ‘Arjun Reddy’ is inevitable.

“Ensemble: Anand Deverakonda, Vaishnavi Chaitanya, Viraj Ashwin, Naga Babu, Viva Harsha – A Stellar Cast in Action!”
Director: Sai Rajesh
Rating: 3 stars

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