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Bigg Boss 17: The Exit of Isha and Powerful: the Dramatic Journey of Evictions

by khushahal vishwakarma
Bigg Boss 17

Every season of Bigg Boss brings forth intense battles and conflicts among the contestants. This season has been no different, showcasing minute altercations among friends, creating rifts and reserving spots for some demons in the hearts of viewers, and finding a place for them in the top 5 lists.


The controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss 17’ continually brings a fresh dose of drama to the audience each week. Hosted by Salman Khan from Monday to Saturday, and with the responsibilities of Sunday’s episode handled by his brothers Arbaaz and Sohail, the show never fails to amaze.


The show witnessed quarrels between couples such as Aishwarya Sharma-Neil Bhatt and star contenders Lokhande-Vicky Jain over trivial matters, still securing their spots in the top 5 despite the disputes.


Entry Vikky in the Top 5 The show that commenced on October 15th welcomed all the participants warmly. While Lockdown-Vicky indulged in a battle, Yukti received acknowledgement for disrupting the peace on national television, landing a spot in the top 5 despite facing trolling. According to Ormax Media’s weekly report, Yukti has secured the fifth position.


This player came in first place in Bigg Boss 17


Aishwarya displayed her confrontational side by shutting the doors on her feelings, while Isha stirred controversy by accusing Munawar of not being upfront. However, Munawar stands as the people’s favorite, earning the first rank in Ormax Media’s report.


Apart from this, TV’s ‘Sanskari Bahu Rani’ ‘Star Lokesh’ is in second place, Aishwarya Sharma in third, and Neil Bhatt in fourth.


Two More Entries in Bigg Boss This season of Big Boss has unveiled various themes and surprises, from house themes to the entrance of stars. Recently, the wildcard entries of Jyotiika and Mansavi Mamgai occurred, with Mansavi exiting the show within a week. However, it’s now reported that two more wildcard entries are on their way—YouTuber Sunny Arya and keeper Deepika Arya, along with influencer Raghav Sharma.


The Bigg Boss 17 House continues to be a melting pot of drama, surprises, and unexpected twists, keeping the audience hooked and eagerly waiting for what’s next in this dramatic reality TV journey.

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