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Chandramukhi 2 Trailer: Kangana Ranaut Looks Stunning but Haunting as She Confronts Raghav Lawrence

by khushahal vishwakarma
Chandramukhi 2

Kangana Ranaut will be seen as the new Chandramukhi, while Raghav Lawrence portrays the character of Vettaiyan Raja. The sequel is set to release on September 28.

On Saturday, the trailer for Chandramukhi 2, featuring Kangana Ranaut and Raghav Lawrence, was released. In the film, Kangana will be seen as the fierce and enchanting spirit of Chandramukhi’s new incarnation. Promising to do justice to the iconic character, Kangana has taken on a faithful role.

The trailer begins with a prequel story and continues the tale of the tormented Chandramukhi and her haunting past in the village. The trailer bridges the past and the present and presents Raghav Lawrence with considerable swagger. With plenty of comedy scenes, action sequences, and new twists and turns, the trailer sets the tone for the film.

Kangana as Chandramukhi

While Kangana doesn’t get much screen time in the trailer for a few seconds, she has embodied the beautiful court dancer Chandramukhi effectively, who was once the favorite of the king. Raghav, in the role of Raja Vettaiyan, also appears intriguing. The story unfolds when the family returns to the palace, where Chandramukhi resides as the infamous avenging spirit.

The trailer might remind some viewers of the original Chandramukhi’s story, from the movie “Bhool Bhulaiya” (2007) and the Tamil film “Chandramukhi” starring Rajnikanth. Tamil actor Vadivelu repeats his comic role in the next generation. In one scene, he asks amusing questions like, “Do ghosts have marital relationships?” and “Why do ghosts walk in a certain way?” This clip also gives a glimpse of the clash between Chandramukhi and Vettaiyan and ends with some dance numbers – a complete entertainer.

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Audience Reaction to the New Chandramukhi

Kangana posted on her Instagram account, “Here’s the trailer of #Chandramukhi2, releasing on September 28th.” Reacting to the clip, someone commented in the comment section, “Blockbuster loading.” On YouTube, another person wrote, “Watching Kangana Ranaut as Chandramukhi is a delightful experience.”

Initially, Chandramukhi 2 was scheduled for release on September 15. However, due to technical delays, it was pushed to September 28. The film, directed by P. Vasu, is produced by Lyca Productions and Subaskaran. While preparing for the film, Kangana was seen taking dance classes for her role. She will be seen next in “Tejas.


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