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ChatGPT gets archive chat feature: How it works

by hrithik singh t

OpenAI, the company behind the popular language model ChatGPT, has unveiled a new feature called archive chat. This long-awaited functionality allows users to store and revisit past conversations with the AI, adding a valuable layer of memory and context to their interactions.
Imagine having a personal digital vault for all your AI-powered chats. With Archive Chat, you can do just that.The feature keeps them within easy reach, accessible through a dedicated section within the platform.
“This feature has been a top request from our users,” says Ben Smith, Product Lead at OpenAI. “We wanted to create a way for people to build a meaningful relationship with ChatGPT, and Archive Chat allows them to do just that. It’s about capturing the unique value of each conversation and making it readily available for reflection and future use.”
Here’s how Archive Chat works:
* Automatic Archiving: Every conversation you have with ChatGPT is automatically saved in your archive.
* Easy Retrieval: Find specific conversations using keywords, dates, or other filters.
* Sharing and Exporting: Share your archived chats with others or export them for reference outside the platform.
* Privacy Controls: Choose which conversations you want to archive and control who can access them.
“With Archive Chat, we’re not just storing conversations, we’re storing memories,” adds Smith. “This is a big step towards making AI feel more natural and personal, and we’re excited to see how users will leverage this feature to enhance their interactions with ChatGPT.”

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