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Chemban Vinod Jose Suggests That Fahadh Faasil’s ‘Aavesham’ Will Be a Spin-Off of ‘Romancham’

by khushahal vishwakarma
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The upcoming film ‘Aavesham,’ directed by Jeetu Madhavan, is generating a lot of buzz in the entertainment world, particularly due to its connection with the director’s previous work, ‘Romancham.’ Recently, during a media interview, actor Chemban Vinod Jose revealed some intriguing details about the film ‘Aavesham.’

He mentioned that the character of Saeed from ‘Romancham’ will have a spin-off film that will delve into his college life. What’s interesting is that this spin-off film will draw inspiration from an intriguing incident during the director’s own college days.

This revelation has sparked speculation among fans about possible connections between ‘Romancham’ and ‘Aavesham.’ In ‘Aavesham,’ there are rumors that Fahadh Faasil‘s character is a leader of a group, and the film’s story is also set in Bangalore, showcasing the backdrop of ‘Romancham.’

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Director Jeetu Madhavan has personally written the screenplay for ‘Aavesham,’ promising a story filled with his creative vision. Enhancing the film’s appeal, Sushin Shyam, known for his exceptional musical compositions, will be handling the film’s soundtrack, contributing to an enriched cinematic experience.

Jeetu Madhavan, who was known for his horror-comedy film ‘Romancham,’ is now gearing up to take audiences on another captivating cinematic journey

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