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Delhi AQI: Government Contemplates Action Plan as AQI Reaches ‘Severe Plus’

by vishvakarma NP
Delhi AQI

Delhi AQI: The air quality in Delhi has taken a concerning turn, with Environment Minister Gopal Rai indicating that if the Air Quality Index (AQI) reaches the ‘Severe Plus’ category, the government will consider implementing a comprehensive action plan. This update comes in the aftermath of Diwali celebrations, where fireworks from Uttar Pradesh and Haryana allegedly worsened the air quality in the city.


Diwali Fallout:


Fireworks from Uttar Pradesh and Haryana Impact Delhi’s Air Quality In the aftermath of Diwali celebrations, Gopal Rai claims that the fireworks, predominantly from Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, have contributed to the deterioration of air quality in Delhi. The minister emphasizes the need for collaborative efforts among the states to address this issue.


 Government’s Response:


Considering Measures as Air Quality Deteriorates As Delhi experiences a significant decline in air quality post-Diwali, Gopal Rai announces that the government is considering the implementation of a graded action plan based on the Air Quality Index (AQI). The plan is set to be initiated if the Delhi AQI reaches the ‘Severe Plus’ category (450 or above).


Challenges in Enforcement:


Rai Highlights Policing Dynamics Gopal Rai raises concerns about the challenges of enforcing a firecracker ban, citing that if there were restrictions in Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, the situation might have been different. He points out the coordination required among the police forces of all three states (Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Delhi) to effectively implement such bans.


Air Quality Metrics:


PM10 and PM2.5 Surge Due to Firecracker Disregard On Sunday night, various parts of the city witnessed a spike in PM10 and PM2.5 levels as firecrackers were used despite restrictions. The 24-hour average air quality index (AQI) for Delhi increased from 212 (‘poor’ category) on Sunday at 11 AM to 301 (‘severe’ category) on Monday at 10 AM. There are concerns about it reaching the ‘Severe Plus’ category on Tuesday.


As Delhi grapples with the aftermath of Diwali festivities and the consequent rise in air pollution, the government is actively considering measures to tackle the escalating Air Quality Index. Collaborative efforts and stringent enforcement across states are crucial to addressing the root causes and mitigating the impact on public health. Stay tuned for further updates on Delhi’s air quality.

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