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Elvish Yadav news: Allegations of Snake Venom by Elvish Yadav at Rave Party Claimed to be False; Meenakshi Gandhi Makes a Turnaround

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Elvish Yadav news

Elvish Yadav news: Meenakshi Gandhi stated that her NGO kept an eye on Elvish Yadav, as a prominent figure was using snakes in his videos.

YouTuber Elvish Yadav, against whom a case was filed on Friday by the Noida police for allegedly using snake venom at rave parties, has issued a statement denying all allegations and ensuring cooperation with the Uttar Pradesh police. BJP MP Meenakshi Gandhi, whose NGO filed a complaint against the renowned influential figure, released a statement questioning why Elvish Yadav was on the run if he was innocent. “This is a grade 1 offense, seven years in jail, a wildlife crime.

When king cobras release their venom, they die. Their venom is used to digest food. Without venom, they can’t eat anything and die that way. In the country, cobras and pythons are rare. Keeping them is a crime. Catch them or use them,” Meenakshi Gandhi said on television channels.

Meenakshi Gandhi suggested that there could be a larger racket behind this.

Demanding the immediate arrest of Elvish Yadav, Meenakshi Gandhi said her NGO had been keeping an eye on Elvish Yadav for a long time, as he was using snakes in his YouTube videos. “That’s when we found out that he was selling snake venom.”

In response to Elvish Yadav’s statement proclaiming his innocence, Meenakshi Gandhi questioned, “Then why is he on the run?” Meenakshi Gandhi remarked, “People do anything to stay in the headlines.”

Meenakshi Gandhi said, “The liver and kidneys are damaged by snake venom, and then dizziness sets in. That’s why you start feeling dizzy.”

‘Surprised by what I saw…’: Elvish Yadav issued a statement

Elvish Yadav news stated that all the allegations are completely baseless and fake. In a statement, Elvish said, “If even 1% of my involvement is proven, I will take responsibility for it. The media should also refrain from defaming me until my involvement is proven.” Responding to Meenakshi Gandhi’s statement against him, Elvish tweeted, “I am amazed to see people sit on such posts. The way she is accusing me, she should be ready to apologise for it.”

How was Elvish Yadav’s name dragged into the allegations of a rave party?

According to the complaint filed by People for Animals, Meenakshi Gandhi’s operated NGO contacted Elvish Yadav and asked him to organise a rave party and arrange for cobra venom. “Elvish gave us the name of a Rahul, with whom we made contact. He said he could arrange for venom wherever he wanted. Then he arrived at the Sector 51 banquet hall with the venom. The Noida police chief came to the event venue with the organisers and arrested him,” the complaint said. Five people were arrested, and Elvish Yadav’s name was mentioned.

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