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Former Twitter CEO’s social media platform opens to public

by hrithik singh t


Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky social media platform, announced in 2021, aimed to redefine the landscape of online communication. Unlike traditional platforms, Bluesky took a decentralised approach, focusing on open protocols that would empower users and promote innovation. The project gained attention for its commitment to transparency and user empowerment.Not to forget that Dorsey left Twitter and it was acquired by Elon Musk.
Now, Bluesky has revealed an all-new logo and announced that it’s opening up for all users. “Like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, we are starting to open up. Posts on Bluesky have been public from the start through the open protocol, but today we’re making them publicly accessible through the app,” said Jay Graber CEO, Bluesky. Graber also said that the name Bluesky “memorable and symbolises the open space of possibilities: the Twitter bird freed from a closed platform to fly in Bluesky’s open ecosystem.”
The protocol that makes Bluesky, BirdSky, and endless other options possible is also what makes Bluesky “billionaire-proof.” Just like you can change email providers or cell phone carriers and bring all your contacts, photos, or messages with you, in an open network, you’ll always have the freedom to choose (and to exit) instead of being held to the whims of private companies or black box algorithms, Graber said in a blog post.
Users don’t have to login anymore to see posts on Bluesky. Till now it was an invite-only platform with no access to outsiders. “Starting today, you can easily view Bluesky posts without being logged in. Sharing will be more convenient — whether it’s a joke you want to text a friend, or a post you want to embed in an article,” said Graber.
The platform’s development garnered interest and skepticism alike, with the tech community watching closely to see if Bluesky could deliver on its promise of a more open and user-driven social media experience.


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