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Fukrey 3 Box Office Collection: ‘Fukrey 3’ Exceeds Expectations on ‘National Cinema Day,’ Nears 100 Crores

by khushahal vishwakarma
Fukrey 3 Box Office Collection

Fukrey 3 Box Office Collection: ‘Fukrey 3’ is in its third week, and it continues to perform remarkably well. The film made good earnings on National Cinema Day, which was observed on October 13th. ‘Fukrey 3’ earned approximately 5.1 crores on Friday, bringing it closer to the 100 crore club.

Increased Earnings at the Fukrey 3 Box Office Collection –     

The earnings of ‘Fukrey 3’ at the box office have increased nearly fivefold, with a substantial collection of 5.1 crores. On Thursday, the film had collected 1.05 crores, so this is a significant jump in earnings. No one expected such a substantial increase on Friday, and even earning 2-2.50 crores would have been considered good for a film in its third week. However, it exceeded expectations.

These figures are excellent news for the film because they indicate that when audiences really like a movie, special offers on certain days at the box office can work wonders. Since October 13th, National Cinema Day featured discounted tickets, which further boosted the film’s performance.

Earnings for ‘Fukrey 3’:      So far, ‘Fukrey 3’ has earned 86.39 crores, and today’s collection is expected to see a significant drop compared to yesterday. This can be attributed to a large group of viewers who have already watched the film today or plan to do so. Additionally, the India vs. Pakistan match today is expected to impact the number of viewers in theatres.

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‘Fukrey 3’ Box Office Collection: In any case, ‘Fukrey 3’ is now bringing in additional revenue, and it will soon cross the 90 crore mark, adding several crores to the existing profit. The film aims to reach 100 crores before the end of the third week, but it will still require some effort.

Will ‘Fukrey 3’ Enter the 100 Crore Club?: While ‘Fukrey 3’ and ‘Jawan’ were already performing well at the box office, ‘Mission Raniganj’ benefited the most from the National Cinema Day discount in theatres. The film has already earned approximately 24.50 crores, and it will be interesting to see how it performs at the box office. ‘Fukrey 3’ is nearing the 100 crore mark and is making history, though it still has some way to go.

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