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Government may amend IT Act 2021 to add these new rules: Why and what they are to be

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Government may amend IT Act 2021

The government is reportedly likely to amend the Information Technology (IT) Rules of 2021 with the aim to introduce rules for regulating artificial intelligence (AI) companies and generative AI models. The amendments are likely to be notified soon by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. There has been speculation that the government is likely to introduce in the upcoming Digital India Bill similar provisions that seek to empower users to seek algorithmic accountability from internet intermediaries and social media companies like Facebook, Instagram and others.

Government may amend IT Act 2021 to add these new rules

What are the amendments coming

* AI algorithms free from “bias”: The amendments are likely to mandate that platforms which use artificially intelligent algorithms or language models to train their machines are free from “bias” of any kind, they said. New rules may mandate that such AI algorithms or language models that have inherent biases or are trained on such datasets which give out biassed answers be barred from launching for open use. “The parameters for bias that we have right now are centred around caste, religion, community and national security, among other parameters. There will be a legal obligation on platforms to ensure all these parameters are followed, thereby expanding the ambit of trust and safety of the internet,” a senior government official told ET on condition of anonymity.
* New rules for deep fake: The IT Rules amendments may also bring new rules to check as well as prevent deepfake and synthetic content. Government on numerous occasions has highlighted the dangers of deep fake. The advisory on deepfake and synthetic content is likely to be very specific on the dos and don’ts for platforms and how to tackle the issue.
* Strict guideline for loan apps: There are also likely to be explicit instructions for platforms on loan apps. The approach is said t be to prevent such loan apps from operating in India either through a white-listing of the legitimate apps or placing a banking gateway which prevents the transactions through such apps

Why amendments in IT Rules

They said the government’s decision to amend the IT Act may be prompted by the fact that the Digital India Bill is still some time away and developments around generative AI are progressing rapidly.


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