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Happy Birthday, Kriti Sanon: Check out the Two Furballs Actor Loves

by khushahal vishwakarma
Kriti Sanon

As Kriti Sanon celebrates her 32nd birthday on Wednesday, here are some enchanting pictures with her two furballs, Disco and Phoebe

Kriti Sanon loves sharing her ‘wonderful moments’ on Instagram. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she shared some adorable pictures with Disco to raise awareness among her fans about how pets do not spread the virus. She urged her followers to stay calm, show love, and spend time with their pets.

Even though Kriti might not be dating anyone at the moment, her lovely pictures with her two children, Disco and Phoebe, on Instagram prove that there’s plenty of love in her life. These two furballs keep the actor active and entertained at home.


Once, she shared a picture showcasing how Phoebe interrupted her while she was cleaning her wardrobe during the lockdown, making her take a break and enjoy some playtime. Sharing the picture with Phoebe, she also announced on Instagram a few days later, “I’m in love.”

Kriti Sanon and her sister Nupur welcomed Phoebe in January 2020. Introducing her on Instagram, Kriti wrote, “Disco has a new friend at home.. Girlfriend or sister – yet to be decided!” Her Instagram page is filled with some adorable pictures of her brown furball.

Kriti Sanon white ball of fur, Disco Ball, is dearly loved by her entire family. They also celebrate Disco’s birthday on 31st October. In 2020, wishing him on his special day, Kriti referred to him as her “most beautiful child” in a heartfelt birthday post.

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