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How to schedule email in Gmail: Step-by step guide

by hrithik singh t
How to schedule email in Gmail

How to schedule email in Gmail: Tired of late-night email binges or sending messages at odd hours? Ready for your inbox to work on your schedule, not the other way around? Say hello to Gmail‘s email scheduling feature. Gmail’s scheduling feature is a built-in tool that allows you to compose an email and specify a future time and date for it to be sent automatically. This means you can write emails whenever inspiration strikes or your schedule allows, but have them delivered at the most appropriate or strategic time.

Here’s how to schedule email in Gmail:

1. Compose Your Email:
* Create a new email as you normally would.
* Fill in the recipient(s), subject line, and body of your message.
2. Find the “Schedule Send” Option:
* Click the downward-facing arrow next to the blue “Send” button in the bottom left corner.
* Select “Schedule Send” from the options that appear.
3. Choose Your Sending Time:
* A pop-up window will appear with pre-set time options (e.g., tomorrow morning, next week) and a calendar.
* Select a time that suits you or click “Pick date & time” to choose a specific date and hour.
4. Confirm Scheduling:
* Click “Schedule send” to confirm.
* Your email will now be saved in your drafts folder until the scheduled time.
Additional Tips:
* Edit or Cancel: You can access scheduled emails in your “Scheduled” folder under “Sent” to make changes or cancel sending.
* Mobile Scheduling: Scheduling is also available on the Gmail mobile app by tapping the three dots in the top right corner of the compose screen.
* Third-Party Add-Ons: For more advanced scheduling features, consider third-party add-ons like Boomerang or Right Inbox.


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