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India’s Youngest CEO: Meet the youngest CEO of India, you will be surprised to know his age!

by khushahal vishwakarma
India's Youngest CEO

India’s Youngest CEO: Today, there is a race going on in our country India to start their own business and startup and more people want to start their own business or startup. In such a situation, the number of startups in India is increasing today and the CEOs of startups are also increasing along with it.

Do you know who is the youngest CEO of India and how old is he? If not, then in today’s article we will know about the youngest CEO of India, who started his business at the youngest age and became a CEO.

Two brothers have registered their names in the list of India’s youngest CEOs, their names are Shravan Kumaran and Sanjay Kumaran. These two brothers started their business at a very young age and today everyone in India knows their names.

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Their age is only 8 and 10 years

Shravan was only 8 years old and Sanjay was only 10 years old when both of them started their business and registered their names in the list of India’s youngest CEOs. Both brothers, at such a young age, started a company named Godimension from their home in Chennai in the year 2011, which includes work apps and computer programs. Sanjay’s role in the company is that of CEO and Shravan’s role is that of the President of the company.

Both brothers have created 7 such famous applications created by Godimensions, which are very famous in 50 countries all over the world today.

Father helped a lot
Their father Surendran Kumaran has the biggest role in the success of Shravan and Sanjay because he saw both of them in a coding class when both were about 4 years old. Therefore, Surendran started teaching coding to both his sons right from their childhood and both Sanjay and Shravan grew up with a similar fate at an early age.

Both Sanjay and Shravan together first created an application named ‘Catch Me Cop’ which was based on India’s famous Police Chor game. After which both of them together created more than 150 applications just for testing.

Currently working in Salesforce and Microsoft
According to the LinkedIn profiles of Sanjay and Shravan, at present, Parvash is working as a software developer for Salesforce Company in San Francisco and Sanjay is working as a Software Engineer Intern for Microsoft Company. Along with this, both brothers are also running this Godimension company.

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