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Inspired by a Farzi web series

by khushahal vishwakarma
Inspired by a Farzi web series

Inspired by a Farzi web series, an individual in Mumbai printed fake passes for a popular Garba event, along with three others.

In the web series featuring actor Shahid Kapoor, a character counterfeits currency notes.

Mumbai’s MHBC Colony Police arrested 29-year-old Karan Shah and his associates in Borivali on charges of printing counterfeit passes for the popular Durga Devi Navratri festival. Shah, along with three accomplices, planned to make a minimum of 30 lakh rupees by selling these fake passes before the Mumbai Police apprehended them.

Authorities have stated that they are actively searching for two more group members, and they have seized several counterfeit passes and printing equipment used for their scheme.

MHBC Colony Police arrested Karan Shah, along with his accomplices Darshan Gohil (24), Paresh Neverekar (35), and Kavish Patil (24). Shah allegedly printed counterfeit passes for the Durga Devi Navratri festival in Borivali, which originally cost between 3,000 to 3,800 rupees. However, the accused sold duplicate passes for approximately 2,600 rupees each, as per the police.

During questioning, Shah admitted that he was inspired by Shahid Kapoor’s web series ‘Firki’ and intended to make quick money by counterfeiting event passes. In the series, Kapoor’s character counterfeits currency notes.

How the Counterfeit Scheme Unraveled:

According to the police, the original passes for the event were being sold at authorized stalls at Kacchi Ground on New Link Road in Borivali (West). On Saturday, four young men approached several stalls and claimed to have purchased passes for the event. They wanted to verify if the passes were genuine. Representatives of the event verified the passes and found them to be counterfeit.

The FIR also stated that the serial numbers on the passes were not available for sale. Subsequently, the event organizers reported the fraud and complained to the MHBC Colony Police Station. Recognising the potential magnitude of the scam and to prevent further incidents of fraud, a police team was formed under the guidance of DCP Ajay Kumar Bansal, led by Senior Police Inspector Sudhir Kudalkar, with PSI Dr Deepak Hinde, Mangesh Kirpekar, Mukesh Kharaat, and others. They swiftly arrested Karan Shah and three others.

“Shah is clever and hasn’t disclosed his real name and address to many people. However, we succeeded in apprehending him,” said Kudalkar.

The Group’s Plan to Make 30 Lakh Rupees:

Police revealed that the group had seized a total of 1,000 passes, indicating their plan to earn around 30 lakh rupees. As the event drew closer, they increased the price of the passes. Authorities also seized 1,000 holograms, printing equipment, a laptop, and other items with a total value of approximately 35.10 lakh rupees. The search for the two remaining suspects is ongoing.

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