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iOS 17.3 Download the Latest iPhone Update Now

by khushahal vishwakarma
iOS 17.3 Download the Latest iPhone Update Now

iOS 17.3 Download the Latest iPhone Update Now

Apple delivered iOS 17.3 on Monday, presenting new highlights, as Taken Gadget Security, to iPhone clients. The update additionally incorporated some bug fixes and security patches, including one that Apple said may be effectively taken advantage of.

To download the update, go to Settings > General > Programming Update, tap Introduce Now and follow the onscreen prompts.

As indicated by Apple, iOS 17.3 fixes in excess of twelve security issues and bugs. One of these patches is for WebKit, the web program motor utilized in Safari and created by Apple.

Apple composed that WebKit could deal with perniciously created web content that could prompt inconsistent code execution. That implies an outsider could take your information or hack your gadget for other loathsome purposes, as indicated by the IT administrations organization Okta.

The patches in iOS 17.3 location different issues, as well, similar to one in Safari that could permit a client’s confidential perusing data to be noticeable in Settings. Notwithstanding, Apple composed that these different issues were not generally effectively taken advantage of.

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Q: What is the topic of this article?
A: The topic is the iOS 17.3 update for iPhone users, specifically addressing a security issue that could be actively exploited.

Q: When was the iOS 17.3 update released?
A: The update was released on Monday.

Q: What new feature was introduced in iOS 17.3?
A: Stolen Device Protection was introduced in the update.

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