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Mirzapur: Beyond the Scam of 1992, Unraveling India’s Most-Watched Web Series

by khushahal vishwakarma

In the dynamic landscape of the Indian web series, Mirzapur has emerged as the reigning champion, surpassing the likes of Panchayat and Rudra: The Edge of Darkness. As we delve into the world of web entertainment, it’s evident that Mirzapur has become the most-watched Indian web series to date, boasting an impressive 37 million views. Let’s explore how this crime-comedy series has outshined its competitors and claimed the top spot in the realm of digital content.


The Rise of Mirzapur in the Web Series Realm

Mirzapur has become a cultural phenomenon, with a staggering 37 million views, making it the most-watched Indian web series. This triumph places it ahead of other highly anticipated shows, including Panchayat and Rudra: The Edge of Darkness.


 OTT Platforms and the Web Series Wave

From Permanent Roommates Season 2 to Sacred Games and The Family Man, OTT platforms have been delivering many captivating web series in recent years. Mirzapur’s ascent to the top reflects the audience’s growing appetite for gripping narratives in the digital space.

The Unveiling of India’s Most-Watched Web Series List

A recent list compiled by Ormax Media at the beginning of this year has solidified Mirzapur’s position as the most-watched Indian web series. Mirzapur has captured the audience’s attention by beating out highly anticipated projects like Scam 1992 and The Family Man.


 Fake Leads the Way: Mirzapur’s Dominance

Fake, the series that marked Shahid Kapoor’s foray into the OTT platform, led the charge with Mirzapur in tow, leaving other anticipated projects trailing behind. The series, filled with intrigue and deception in the world of counterfeit money, has resonated with viewers and set new records.


Industry Insights and Projections

According to industry tracking agencies, Fake secured a whopping 37 million views, with projections indicating a further surge to 40 million in the coming months. This underscores the series’ widespread appeal and continued popularity.


 Mirzapur vs. competitors: by the Numbers

Mirzapur’s success is not a standalone feat; Rudra: The Edge of Darkness follows closely with 35 million views, while the second seasons of Mirzapur and Panchayat garnered 32 million and 29.6 million views, respectively. Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors secured the fifth spot with 29.1 million views.


In the ever-evolving landscape of Indian web series, Mirzapur has etched its name in digital entertainment history as the most-watched series, captivating millions with its gripping storyline and stellar performances. As we anticipate the next wave of content, Mirzapur’s dominance sets the bar high for future web series aiming to capture the hearts of Indian audiences.

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