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Movie Review of “Dream Girl 2”: Ayushmann Khurrana Shines Effortlessly in a Lengthy Film

by khushahal vishwakarma
dream girl 2

Dream Girl 2 movie review :

Ayushmann Khurrana enters the film without any hesitation, portraying the character with conviction. However, the film’s runtime is quite long.

In “Dream Girl 2,” Ayushmann Khurrana does his best work when he portrays the concept of ‘ardhnarishwar’ (a blend of masculine and feminine) with such firmness and ease.

“Dream Girl 2,” known as the sequel to the 2019 film of the same name as the ‘spiritual heir,’ mostly succeeds in its clear intent to push beyond gender boundaries. This is a positive aspect that enhances its relevance in 2023. However, it’s not such a good thing that despite the continuous series of characters, we feel a drag in the pacing within its two-hour-twenty-minute runtime.

Karam (Ayushmann Khurrana) and his father (Annu Kapoor) belong to the middle-class, struggling financially. Living in a dilapidated old mansion, Karam, a 12th-grade pass with no job, has almost no prospects apart from adding some ‘spark’ to the idol of Mata Rani with his ‘suggestions.’ Parri, his lawyer girlfriend (Ananya Pandey, taking over from Nushrat Bharucha in the previous film), is fine with it, but her father (Manoj Joshi) is displeased. He demands to see money, or there won’t be a marriage.

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That’s when the circus comes to the streets. Last time, Khurrana used his deep voice effectively to create waves in unconventional roles; this time, he goes a step further and transforms into a girl. Yes, Karam dresses as a woman, using a pair of oranges to fill his chest (reminding us of Rishi Kapoor and Gufi Paintal in ‘Rafoo Chakkar’), and employs foundation layers to smoothen his stubble.

Numerous cases of mistaken identity, and the ensuing complexities, constitute the main part of the film: Singh is BFF with Sakina, a Muslim girl, this time around, leading to many ‘comical’ situations (Sikh boy-Muslim girl, you get the drift?). What makes “Dream Girl 2” courageous for its time is its portrayal of people from all religions mingling around each other in a big-budget Bollywood movie. Especially noteworthy is the almost absence of Muslim characters in the mainstream, which adds significance.

Sakina’s father, Abbū (Paresh Rawal, no less), turns out to be an unexpectedly generous person; the divorced aunt, played by Seema Pahwa, is interested in a much younger man; her ‘brother’ (Abhishek Banerjee) is a heartbroken soul with a secret. It almost feels like a return of the Muslim community to the narrative, but these moments matter with that magnanimous, vulnerable heart that only gritty, widespread Hindi cinema can generate.

“**Dream Girl 2 Movie Review:** This film is the spiritual sequel to the 2019 movie ‘Dream Girl.’ There’s a lot of coming and going within this group, even when it clashes with the owner (Vijay Raaz) of a nightclub who helps Karam develop his emotions for Puja – the real love of Khurrana and Pari. Ananya Pandey doesn’t have much to do but is improving remarkably when there’s not too much pressure to perform. You wish, as in the last film, that the film doesn’t create a commotion at all times or doesn’t have monologues underlining its liberal nature through its characters.

Dream Girl 2” excels when Ayushmann Khurrana presents the concept of ‘ardhnarishwar’ with such firmness and ease: Puja is Karam and Karam is Puja. Genders can be fluidly beautiful, and yes, men can fall in love with men.

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