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Twitter ‘X’-pires: New logo takes over Twitter page and brand

by khushahal vishwakarma

Elon Musk took the bold step of changing Twitter to “X”. Will this bold attempt to transform an established brand succeed?Finally the bird has flown away from Twitter.

The platform now displays the “X” logo instead of the famous Twitter bird. Musk announced the new logo over the weekend and successfully changed the logo within hours. The new “X” logo now appears in the top left corner of the Twitter homepage, even replacing the “X” upload icon.

Elon Musk confirmed entering X.com leads users to the new twitter. However, for now, the site still uses Twitter.com as its primary domain. The new logo used by Twitter was created by Elon Musk and is taken from a drawing by a Twitter user. The new logo will also be used in conjunction with the names of the company’s employees, including Chief Executive Officer Linda Yaccarino.

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Yaccarino gives us an overview of the company’s plans for this platform, which goes beyond just microblogging. Yaccarino said, “X represents limitless interactivity focused on audio, video, messaging and payments/banking, creating a global marketplace for ideas, goods, services and opportunities.” Powered by AI, X will connect us all in ways we can only just imagine.Then he added: “It’s an extraordinary and rare thing – in life as well as at work – to be given a second chance to make another big mark.

Twitter has left an important mark and changed the way we communicate.Now X will take a step forward and change the global cityscape.X is bornThe rise of the X.com brand is not a new story. In fact, it dates back to Elon Musk’s early days as an entrepreneur. The brand was founded in 1999 and later renamed PayPal. After selling PayPal, Musk became a billionaire.In 2022, with rapid progress, Elon Musk formed X Corp. In May, it was announced that Twitter was now owned by X Corp. is. The next logical step was the rebranding, which is currently underway.

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