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Mother’s Blessings Unlocked Mukesh Kumar’s Fortune, PESAR Reveals She Had No Idea

by khushahal vishwakarma
mukesh kumar

mukesh kumar shared these moments of pride with his mother over the phone, and the video of this heartfelt moment was shared by BCCI.

West Indies vs India, 2nd Test: After becoming the Test cap number 308 in the history of India. In the ongoing Test series between India and the West Indies, numerous young players have been chosen by the coaches to be part of the squad. Among them, Yashasvi Jaiswal made a remarkable debut in the first two innings, proving that world cricket has found a promising talent. On the other hand Mukesh Kumar, the pacer from Bengal, also marked the beginning of his career on Saturday, snatching wickets from the clutches of the opposition.

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After receiving the Test cap, Mukesh Kumar spoke to his mother over the phone. At the age of 29, he thanked his mother for supporting him in his struggles and contributing to his success. The clip shared by BCCI is going viral on social media.

After the phone call Mukesh said that his mother advised him to always stay happy, keep progressing, and assured him of her blessings. He may not fully understand what it’s like to play for India but his only wish is for his son to progress.

Mukesh Kumar’s hard work finally paid off on the second day when he managed to break through and take wickets. He tactfully employed the round-the-wicket strategy, which took a while to yield results. When Mukesh came to bowl from the other end, he found the right direction for the ball, and the incoming delivery successfully touched the outer edge of Kirk Mckinney’s confident and well-played shot, claiming success.*

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