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Pixel 8 India sale: 3 features that you don’t get on other Android phones

by khushahal vishwakarma
Pixel 8 India sale

Pixel 8 India sale: The Pixel 8 will be available for sale in India on October 12th, and it comes with three unique features that set it apart from other Android phones. Here are the details: Google Pixel 8 Phone: Will Pixel 8 Come to India?

  1. Seven Years of Software Support: The Pixel 8 series will receive software support for seven years, which means Google will release Android 21 OS for these phones. This is significant because no other brand in the industry is offering similar long-term support. Users will also get seven years of security patches and access to new features, making Pixel 8 a future-proof phone.Pixel 8 India sale
  2. Brilliant Display: The Pixel 8 boasts the most dazzling display in the Pixel 8 series (excluding the Pixel 8 Pro), ensuring that viewing the screen even in bright sunlight is hassle-free, thanks to its support for a peak brightness of 2000 nits. This is the highest in the industry, surpassing even the ultra-high-end Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, which only offers a peak brightness of 1750 nits.
  3. Audio Magic Eraser Tool: Google has introduced a new Audio Magic Eraser tool that quickly reduces distracting noises in recorded videos. While third-party apps can achieve this, Google has integrated it directly into the Photos app, which comes pre-installed on every Android phone. The latest Pixel phones also introduce a new AI-powered feature known as “Best Take,” which helps merge multiple photos to ensure everyone has their eyes open and is focused. Additionally, users have the flexibility to select emotions from different shots and combine them into a single image if they don’t want to rely solely on automated versions.

If you’re considering it, the Pixel 8 Pro version offers a completely new rear camera system with Night Mode and new pro controls for video.

Pixel 8 India sale


Pixel 8 Pricing in India: The Pixel 8 starts at ₹75,999 in India for the 128GB storage model. It is already available for pre-order through Flipkart. Consumers using ICICI, Kotak, and Axis Bank cards will receive an ₹8,000 discount, applicable to the standard model.

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