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Pragyan Rover Walks on the Moon: Made in India, Made for the Moon

by khushahal vishwakarma
Pragyan Rover

India took a leap towards the Moon as ISRO’s Vikram lander released the Pragyan Rover and set it on its journey. After the successful and historic soft landing on the Moon’s south pole, ISRO tweeted about the rover’s visit.

In a significant milestone for the development of Chandrayaan 3, ISRO announced that the indigenously designed Ch-3 rover for the Moon, Vikram, has lifted off from the lander and embarked on a journey to the lunar surface. “Made in India, Made for the Moon, the Ch-3 rover lifts off from the lander and India has explored the Moon!” ISRO proudly announces.

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After the successful landing at 6:04 pm on Wednesday, the Chandrayaan 3 mission was eagerly waiting for the Moon to calm down after the dust settled. The process began when the Pragyan rover attached to the Vikram lander started its journey from the belly of the lander and touched the lunar surface. The first image of the rover emerging from Vikram was shared by Indian Space Research and Development Organization (ISRO) chairman Pawan Kumar Goenka.

Chandrayaan 3 Lunar Landing: What happened in the last 12 hours?
At 6:04 pm, Chandrayaan 3 made a soft landing on the South Pole of the Moon. It selected a flat area on the lunar surface for landing. An image of the landing site, captured by the Landing Imager camera, was sent back to Earth.

Communication link established between Chandrayaan 3 lander and MOX-ISTRAC in Bengaluru. As soon as the lander touched down, it took some pictures, which were sent back to Earth.

After this, the process of deploying the Pragyan Rover from the Lander started.

The first image of the rover, as soon as it lifted off from Vikram, was transmitted to Earth.

Now, Pragyan has come down and started his sightseeing activities.

What is Pragyan Rover? What’s next for it on the Moon?
The Pragyan rover will carry out various experiments on the lunar surface for the next 14 days and transmit the collected data back to the lander. It carries two payloads weighing 26 kg each. One will analyze the chemical composition of the lunar surface, while the other will determine the elemental composition of lunar soil and rocks near the landing site.

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