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Rolls Royce Car Accident: Kubera Group CEO Involved; SIT Formed

by khushahal vishwakarma
Rolls Royce Car Accident

Delhi-Mumbai Expressway witnessed a high-speed Rolls Royce Car Accident  involving a luxury car and a fuel tanker, prompting the police to form a Special Investigation Team (SIT).

Haryana Police established an SIT on August 22 to investigate a high-speed accident on the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway. New evidence indicates that a luxury car, carrying the CEO of Kubera Group, collided with a fuel tanker from behind. The collision resulted in the deaths of two individuals and left four others injured.

Nuh’s Superintendent of Police, Narendra Biziarniya, stated, “We have registered a case against the driver of the luxury car. However, confirmation of the driver’s identity has not been possible as all individuals are currently receiving medical treatment and have been declared unfit to provide statements.

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Kubera Group management has refrained from commenting on the matter.

Eyewitnesses revealed that after the accident, occupants of other vehicles traveling with the CEO managed to rescue those in the Rolls Royce, but within moments, the car caught fire due to the impact. The collision was so severe that the tanker overturned, although the diesel it carried did not ignite.

Initially, it was believed that the accident occurred due to the tanker driver’s negligence, as it was claimed he drove in the wrong direction. However, later CCTV footage revealed that both vehicles were traveling in the same direction, away from Gurugram.

The SIT will include officers from Nagina Police Station and the Crime Investigation Unit (CIU).

Biziarniya pointed out that the vehicle was suspected to be traveling at a speed exceeding 200 km/h and details obtained from the Regional Transport Authority indicated that the car had recently been purchased from a Mumbai-based company.

We have reviewed all CCTV footage and videos recorded by passengers. The tanker was taking a U-turn, and while it was struggling to maintain a speed of around 20 km/h, the car collided with it from behind. The collision was so intense that it resulted in a fire,” he said.

According to CCTV footage from the toll plaza, approximately 12 km from Alipur and at the edge of Gurugram, a convoy of four to five vehicles, including the Rolls Royce, passed through at around 11:09 AM. The CEO’s car departed from the convoy after 13 minutes and continued ahead.

Minakshi Yadav, a resident of Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh, was trailing the fuel tanker at a distance and witnessed the accident. “Both the tanker and my truck belong to the same transport company. I saw the fast car collide with the tanker and flip. The car also caught fire, but within minutes, three people got out of an SUV and pulled three others out of the car, then they sped towards Delhi. The car passengers were fortunate as it caught fire within minutes. My two friends, Ramprit Kumar and Kuldeep Singh, were trapped and unfortunately died on the spot,” she recalled.

A senior official from a private hospital in Gurugram stated that Malu was admitted for treatment and was out of danger, but was not fit to give a statement.

Ashok Kumar, the investigating officer from Nagina Police Station, mentioned that they would take statements from the three individuals who were in the luxury car and gather evidence to determine who was driving. “Before the police team arrived at the scene, those injured were taken to Gurugram Hospital by people accompanying the convoy.

Based on Yadav’s statement, the police registered a case against an unknown Rolls Royce driver under Sections 279 (rash driving) and 337 (causing hurt by act endangering life) of the Indian Penal Code.

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