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Bigg Boss OTT 2: Salman Khan Criticizes Elvish Yadav for Using Offensive Language

by khushahal vishwakarma
Salman Khan

As the time for this week’s episode of “Bigg Boss OTT” comes again, yes, it’s the weekend, when Salman Khan meets the contestants and discusses their actions – both good and bad – from the previous week.

In the recent episode of the show, the superstar spoke with various contestants about their behavior, often warning them about how the audience perceives them. Specifically, Salman Khan advised Elvish Yadav not to use inappropriate language.

The superstar also mentioned to other housemates that it is essential to stand up for Elvish when he is wrong. Following this, Salman Khan proceeded to show the audience a clip of Manisha Rani, Abhishek Malhan, and Elvish discussing Bebika Dhurve. In the controversial clip, Elvish was shown using offensive language against Manisha and Abhishek.

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Afterward, Elvish Yadav had a conversation with his mother, and he started crying. He apologized to the fellow housemates for his behavior and explained that he has some anger issues that he intends to work on. As soon as Elvish’s mother’s voice was heard, Salman Khan said, “Elvish, listen to me, your mother didn’t watch the clip. We edited out the inappropriate parts and showed the censored version.”

Watch glimpses of Salman Khan’s conversation with Elvish Yadav here:

Amidst rumors that Salman Khan might leave “Bigg Boss OTT 2” after this, the actor has denied these reports. He said to ANI, “My fans are my biggest achievement and pride! I am who I am because of them. Yes, sometimes I lose my cool on the show, and sometimes I even step out, but I always come back for my fans who eagerly await my weekend episodes.

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