Home Finance This 21-year-old boy earns 90 crore rupees every year by selling sex chocolates!

This 21-year-old boy earns 90 crore rupees every year by selling sex chocolates!

by khushahal vishwakarma
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Sex Chocolate: In the world of Big, many types of industrialists do their big under different umbrellas, today we have brought for you the news of a 21-year-old industrialist. His age is only 21 years and the 21-year-old boy earns more than Rs 90 crore every year compared to his elder brother.

The name of this 21-year-old industrialist is Oliver Brocato and he lives in the United States. In the year 2021, Oliver started a company named Tabs Chocolate with his college friend Jake Levin, whose main product includes S*x Chocolate. This chocolate is given to couples so that they can enjoy their sexual experience. In the very first year of BIG, Oliver had added more than 1 lakh subscribers to his Tabs company and the best part is that Oliver had done it without planning even a single paisa on marketing.


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Earns more than Rs 90 crore per year
While starting Tabs company, founder Oliver Brocato had sold his product to more than 1 lakh people due to which he started looking for money from the company right from the startup. Currently, Tabs Chocolate earns more than Rs 90 crore every year, only by selling S*x chocolates, and let us also tell you that Tabs Company is a professional company.

Most new business owners spend a lot of money on marketing in their initial years, but Oliver did not spend any money on marketing in the first year of his business, he focused the most on organic social media marketing, which is why he got a huge profit in the first year. I placed it on my elder one. Great success was achieved.

Did my first big at the age of 14
Oliver Brocato said in an internet interview that he made his first big debut at the age of 14 and he used to try the fidget spinner, in those days this fidget spinner was very much in trend so he got success at this young age. is achieved.

In a further interview, he said that after some time when he started his social media marketing agency, he realized that he had gained a lot of success.

With the help of the same social media marketing skills, Oliver Brocato got his company’s sex chocolates sold in crores and for this, he did not have to spend any money on any advertisement.

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