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Unique! Simran Budharup Web Series Set to Make Her Debut

by khushahal vishwakarma
Simran Budharup Web Series

Simran Budharup Web Series: Popular Simran Budharup, known for her role in the TV show “Pandya Store,” has embarked on a new web project under the name “F to Fantasy.” In an interview, she expressed her excitement to play a character she has never portrayed before, including intimate scenes. Simran praised her co-star, Vivian Bathena, for being professional and helping create great chemistry on set.

Simran Budharup has now taken on an intriguing web project. After her role in “Pandya Store,” Simran was looking for something exciting, and that’s why she decided to act in the web series “F to Fantasy.” In an exclusive interview with ETimes TV, Simran shared that she has never played such a character before.


Sharing her experience of working on the show, Simran said, “This is an entirely new experience for me because I have never played such a character before.”

Simran Budharup, famous for her role in “Pandya Store,” confirmed the end of her long-term relationship with Ashutosh Semwal. She revealed that they were living together but facing continuous issues. Despite the breakup, she wishes him well and hopes for a bright future.

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Unique! Rishita, aka Simran Budharup from Pandya Store, Breaks Up with Long-Time Boyfriend Ashutosh Semwal; Says, “It Was Difficult to Fight Over the Same Issues Again for Us”

Shiny Doshi and Simran Budharup return to Pandya Store Pandya Store finally brings back its leads Dhara and Rishita for a dream sequence on the show. Soon, fans will see their favourite stars in a special episode. Natasha will have a dream where Dhara and Rishita refuse to sell Pandya Store despite Amresh’s pressure.

Shiny Doshi and Simran Budharup return to Pandya Store “I have never done on-screen intimate scenes before, and I was quite apprehensive about how it would look. I even told my director that I wasn’t comfortable, and I wasn’t sure how it would work, but he showed confidence, and I agreed. There is a thin line between intimate scenes, and I’m glad we didn’t cross it,” Simran said.

Regarding her on-screen chemistry with Vivian Bathena, Simran said, “This was the first time I was working with Vivian. I was genuinely nervous about how our chemistry would be, but Vivian was really sweet and cooperative. Working with him was great.”

Before this, discussing her breakup, Simran had said, “We have been in a relationship for five years, and I broke up with him about two months ago. We started living together last year, and I’m one of those who believe in clarity. We had issues, and it was becoming difficult for us to fight over the same issues again.”

After concluding Pandya Store, Simran shared that she fondly remembers the set and her co-stars. She said, “I remember going to the set every day and remembering all my co-stars. We had a long journey with the show. One journey will end, and another will begin, so I’ll be back soon.” “With something new and exciting. I’m hoping to find an interesting and thrilling project soon.

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