Home Entertainment Tanuj Virwani’s wedding to be a close-knit family affair rather than a big fat ceremony | Hindi Movie News

Tanuj Virwani’s wedding to be a close-knit family affair rather than a big fat ceremony | Hindi Movie News

by khushahal vishwakarma

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Come December 25, actor Tanuj Virwani is set to embark on a new chapter in his life as he ties the knot with his longtime partner, Tanya Jacob. Breaking away from the traditional glitz and glamour of Bollywood weddings, the ‘Inside Edge’ star has opted for an intimate affair at his farmhouse, where the couple intends to revel in the joy of matrimony surrounded by close friends and family.
In an exclusive conversation with IndiaToday.In, Tanuj shared insights into his love story, emphasizing the depth of their connection that has flourished over the past nine years. In his conversation, Tanuj Virwani shares he has chosen a more personal and scaled-down approach for his nuptials. Contrary to the trend of big fat Indian weddings, the actor described his upcoming ceremony as a ‘size zero wedding.’

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Expressing his reservations about elaborate celebrations that often leave couples exhausted, Tanuj remarked, that he has seen so many grooms and brides ready to pass out by the end of the wedding and he doesn’t want that to happen at his ceremony
Discussing his family’s reaction to the impending wedding, Tanuj revealed that his mother, Rati Agnihotri, couldn’t be happier. She is all aboard for a close-knit ceremony.

Further, reflecting on the genesis of their relationship, Tanuj opened up about initially avoiding long-distance commitments and the organic evolution of their love. He added even the proposal was not some big romantic gesture. With Tanya based in Singapore, the decision to get married was a practical one to bridge the geographical gap and solidify their bond.

The actor also Virwani acknowledged the importance of privacy in relationships, citing past experiences that influenced his decision to keep his love life discreet. Aware that too much openness could overshadow his professional endeavors, he emphasized the need for balance between personal and public spheres.

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