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Freedom from the Ability to Block Accounts, Elon Musk

by khushahal vishwakarma
elon musk

According to owner Elon Musk, Twitter, now known as “X,” will remove the ability to block accounts. Blocking direct messages will still be possible

X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, will remove the capability for users to block other accounts, owner Elon Musk stated in a post on Friday.

Musk, who acquired Twitter last year for $44 billion and had contemplated overhauling the social media site, said that blocking direct messages will still be possible but will be removed as a “feature.”

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Blocking remains a popular security tool that helps users protect themselves from unwanted interactions on X. It ensures that blocked accounts won’t see your posts, and their posts won’t appear in your feed. A blocked account cannot send you direct messages either.

Users will still be able to mute other accounts, meaning they won’t see posts from that user. However, a muted account can still see a person’s posts, respond to them, and repost their content to their followers with comments. Muted accounts can still send direct messages.

Since acquiring the platform, Musk has rolled back Twitter’s implemented safety policies. He has removed content moderators and reinstated previously banned users who violated the old rules. Advertisers have left the platform, leading to a 50% decline in ad revenue.

In response to criticism about how the changes have impacted the platform’s security, X‘s CEO, Linda Yakirino, has stated that “more than 99% of the content users and advertisers see on Twitter is healthy.” She hasn’t disclosed what constitutes “healthy” or how the company measures that standard.

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