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The Drip Project : This 21-year-old boy earns crores of rupees by selling Hip Hop jewellery!

by khushahal vishwakarma
The Drip Project

In our country India, there is a high demand for things like jewellery, gold, silver etc. and this demand increases a lot during festivals. Apart from this, women and girls love jewellery made of gold and silver the most. Therefore, there is a huge market for jewellery in India, which many new industrialists can use to grow their business.

There is also a micro-market within the jewellery market whose name is – Hip Hop Jewellery. Hip Hop Jewellery is in the highest demand in the western part of the world like in the countries around America but now the demand for this market is increasing in India also.

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You must have heard about Hip Hop music, Hip Hop jewellery is mostly worn by Hip Hop music people and it is in highest demand among today’s Gen-Zs generation.


The Drip Project

This is how they earn crores of rupees every year
Seeing the increasing demand for Hip Hop jewellery in India, 21-year-old industrialist Harsh Maskara planned to start his business in this market in 2021, after which he started his Hip Hop jewellery brand by the name of The Drip Project in the same year. Did. After this, they gradually started achieving success in this market.

Let us tell you that according to the report, in the year 2023, their brand The Drip Project is going to make a turnover of about Rs 8 to 9 crores.

The founder of this brand, Harsh Mascara, while stating the goal of his business, said, “I want every Gen-Z in India should have a product/piece of The Drip.”

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Big film stars have also joined them

In the very first year of The Drip Project, founder Harsh Maskara and his team also worked with many big film stars. He has worked with Bollywood stars like Ranveer Singh and Kiara Advani and sold them their choice of Hip Hop Jewellery.

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At present, the founders of Drip Project are planning to expand this business at the international level. They plan to expand this business to Dubai, Singapore, Australia and Indonesia.

This is how the business was started

Harsh Maskara, founder of The Drip Project, while telling his story in an interview, said that he started this business after his father’s death because, after this, he had to run his mother and the entire family. He further told me in the interview that after my father left, I started many new things to earn money.

After a few years, he came up with the idea of The Drip Project and started working on it and today his business idea has become a very good business worth crores.

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Demand is increasing in Gen Z

Harsh Mascara further said in his interview that our company aims to reach our products to Gen Z and Millennials because all our products are designed keeping these people in mind. If we talk about business sales numbers, The Drip Project is growing at a growth rate of 400% every year.

Apart from this, as Pop Music is becoming more famous in India, the market for Pop jewellery is also increasing.

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