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The Future of Technology: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics Lab Gifted to Students

by khushahal vishwakarma
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the technology of the future, poised to bring a revolution to the country at the unveiling of the Atal Tinkering and Robotics AI Lab in Mithi Gobindaram Sabha Ghar, philanthropic Indian social workers Dr Shiban Variku and Dr Nanna Variku shared their perspectives. This lab was established with their support.

Equipped with computers, laptops, 75-inch LED interactive panels, 3D printers, and electronic, and electrical materials, the lab will engage students in coding, artificial intelligence, and robotics experiments.

Dr. Shiban Variku, a renowned American urologist, provides free urology services and has contributed to the lab’s establishment. His commitment to educating numerous youth of the Nav Yuva Parishad reflects his dedication. He also collaborates in various philanthropic initiatives of the Jeev Seva Sansthan.

The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence:

Dr Shiban Variku mentioned that the goal of the Atal Tinkering and Robotics AI Lab is to integrate technical and scientific theoretical knowledge with practical skills among students. This integration will help students acquire scientific expertise for their future careers and increase employment opportunities. Introducing students to coding, robotics, and artificial intelligence aligns with the country’s new education policy, fostering the development of artificially intelligent computers or robotic systems based on logical and analytical skills. It is hoped that students will benefit from the lab and gain a scientific perspective.

Blessing the inauguration of the lab, Sant Siddh Bhau expressed through his transmitted message that utilizing the human brain in science can enrich human life. Hero Gyan Chandani, AC Sadhwani, KL Ramanani, Ghanshyam Bulchandani, Mahesh Dayaramani, Bhagwan Damani, Gopal Giradhani, Bhagwan Babani, Principal Ajay Bahadur Singh, Vice-Principal Asha Changlani, and students were present. Ankit Yadav highlighted various aspects of the lab’s initiatives.

This AI and robotics lab aims to equip students with hands-on experience in cutting-edge technologies, providing them with a solid foundation in tech and science for their future endeavours.

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