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There is Power in India”: Virender Sehwag Shares Sadguru’s ‘Incredible Explanation’ Behind the Name; Watch

by khushahal vishwakarma
Virender Sehwag

Virender Sehwag supports the idea of changing the name of the country to Bharat instead of India.

Sadguru has also advocated for changing the name of the country to Bharat on several occasions. Amid discussions about whether the central government can change the country’s name from India to Bharat, former cricketer Virender Sehwag shared a video by Sadguru on Tuesday, where he explained the science behind this name. Sehwag is in favor of changing the country’s name to Bharat, a stance also supported by Sadguru on various occasions.

In a 2014 video, Sadguru states that there is a sound in the name that holds power, and India possesses power. “Bha stands for an experience from which an emotion arises. Ra stands for a tune or melody, which is already set. You cannot set the tune; existence has already set it.

Now, all you need to find is the rhythm, which is ‘taal.’ If you find the right rhythm, you are a fantastic human being. If you miss the rhythm, you get crushed by the process of life. That’s why we called this country Bharata. One of the great emperors was named Bharata. People say the country is named after him – no. The country’s name was given in his honor.”

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Sadguru was in conversation with former IPS officer Kiran Bedi. When asked if the country made a mistake by changing its name from Bharat to India, Sadguru said, “A grave mistake. Because whenever conquering forces take over a country, the first thing they do is change your name – it’s a technique of dominance. If you look at history, when they (the British) imported African people, the first thing they did was change their names. They removed their names and gave them some foolish names. This is what happened with us.”

The spiritual guru said that Bharat means something, while India does not. “So, if I give you a meaningless name, you will become a meaningless fool in front of me because I have a meaningful name, tradition, and culture, and you have nothing. So, in that context, we became Bharat.”

He argued that the concept of a nation should resonate with everyone. “Because a nation is just an idea, when that idea permeates into your mind and sinks into your heart, your passion for it awakens, then you have a real nation; otherwise, the nation is only on paper – this is a unfortunate reality for us now. At least when they (the British) left in 1957, the first thing we should have done was to change the name in such a way that it resonated with everyone. You are using an English name for an Indian nation.”

Sadguru further stated that he would like to request the current Prime Minister to change the country’s name in a way that it resonates with everyone.

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