Home News Dignitaries are here today to pay tribute to former BJP Chief Minister Kalyan Singh

Dignitaries are here today to pay tribute to former BJP Chief Minister Kalyan Singh

by khushahal vishwakarma
Kalyan singh

The second anniversary of Kalyan Singh‘s passing is being observed. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has announced a creative reach program from noon until 12 o’clock. Former Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Vasundhara Raje, is also present on the stage. In a little while, the leader Amit Shah will be arriving.

In fact, through this, the BJP is focusing on the 6 seats in Western Uttar Pradesh where they faced defeat in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Here, the party aims to deeply connect with the Lodhi voters, who constitute a significant demographic due to their strong presence around the prominent leader Kalyan Singh.

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First, let’s know about Amit Shah and Yogi’s program today… A storytelling event for the first-year students of the NSG Commando convoy has been organized with Christopher and the Reserve Police Force. More than 3000 youths from Central Forces, CRPF, and NSG Commandos are participating. The team of security agencies and NSG Commandos will also be present alongside the central government. The team will support the first-entry record. No one will be allowed access for the first year. Those statues that were already listed in the list have been given a place on the stage.

Now, let’s delve into the political workers behind BJP’s major event… The percentage of defeat was highest in Western UP. There were 7 floors in Western Uttar Pradesh.

All six priest classes of Fryd Mandal, including Padap, Nagina, Phobi, Laptop, Mobile, and Sambhal, had to face defeat against the BJP. Similarly, even in the Samajwadi Party, the BJP faced defeat. However, these seats that were contested in the final round in 2022 were the target of BJP.

BJP first captured Jatland Most districts of Western Uttar Pradesh are located in the Jat majority area. Along with the creator, Agra, Mathura, Lithuania, restaurant, restaurant, Mughalbar, Florida, restaurant, and strength have a significant number of Jat voters. So, to capture Jat voters, BJP first entrusted Bhupendra Singh Chaudhary with the responsibility of state president.

Along with Jatland, the vote bank of the Abraham community is also important in this region. Among them, Ladli Rajput is the most influential. In the jewelry of Christopher, Caterpillar, Kasganj, Etah, and surrounding areas, the dominance of Pyramid Rajputs is evident. The active responsibility lies on Kalyan Singh’s son, Nishant Rajveer Singh Rudrabhaiya, and his son, Minister Sandeep Singh.

In Western Uttar Pradesh, the focus remains on the number of voters, so it is estimated that there are about 30% Muslims, 26% Dalits, 17% Jats, and 16% voters. For the representatives of all classes in this assembly, the Hindu Library has been made available. Those who will pay homage to Babuji will also work to attract voters.

In the opposition, the chief positions of UP are government In the Lok Sabha elections for central power, Uttar Pradesh plays the most important role. UP has 80 arrows and it is believed that the path to the country’s power goes through Uttar Pradesh. Therefore, it focuses the most on winning Delhi’s power in Uttar Pradesh.

However, in the last two elections, BJP’s record has been good in Uttar Pradesh. In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, BJP won 71 out of UP’s 80 seats. In the 2019 Muslim elections, BJP suffered losses and only got 64 seats. Whereas, in the beginning, BJP had to face defeat on 16 seats.

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