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Vedanta Share Price Today: Vedanta’s share price increased by this much today, know the details!

by khushahal vishwakarma
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Vedanta Share Price Today: People investing in the share market keep an eye on all the shares in the share market because every day the share prices of companies keep going up and down in the share market. In such a situation, if you are also an investor in the stock market, then you must also keep an eye on the shares in your portfolio.

In today’s article, we will tell you about Vedanta Share Price Today, what is the price of Vedanta Share today? Vedanta Limited is an Indian multinational mining company, whose main activities are mining of gold, iron ore and aluminium mines in Goa, Rajasthan, Odisha and Karnataka. Apart from this, Vedanta Limited also does many other works.

Let us also tell you that Vedanta Share is also a hot favourite share of many stock market investors. Vedanta’s share price also fluctuates every day in the market, hence this article is also updated every day so that you can get information about the latest Vedanta Share Price every day. So, what is the Vedanta share price today? Know.

Vedanta Share Price Today

Today on October 1, the share price of Vedanta Limited in the stock market is ₹ 222.65 per share. Today Vedanta saw its highest price of ₹ 224.75 per share and lowest of ₹ 210 per share. Vedanta’s share price has seen an increase of 6.86% today as compared to yesterday.

A day before this, when the stock market opened on September 29, Vedanta’s share price was ₹ 208.60, which became ₹ 209.95 per share when the market closed.

Vedanta Limited ₹210.00 per share ₹222.65 per share
These are its 52 Week’s Highest and 52 Week’s Lowest!
At present, the 52 52-week highest share price of Vedanta Limited Company’s shares is ₹ 340.75 per share and the 52 52-week lowest share price is ₹ 208.00 per share. Before investing in any company, you should know about its 52-week highest and 52-week lowest price.

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How to buy Vedanta Share?
If you want to invest your money in Vedanta company, then for that you will need a demat account, which you can easily open for free with the help of platforms like Upstox, and Zerodha.

After getting the Demat account, you can buy shares of Vedanta with the help of its platform.

We hope that with the help of this article, you will have got information about Vedanta Share Price Today. You can use the comment box below to ask any question related to this article. Similarly, stay connected with our website to get information about the share prices of other companies, and you can also join our Telegram channel to get instant updates.

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