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“Vicky Kaushal’s Sweet In-Flight Surprise: Fan Poses with Bollywood Star, Reveals Heartwarming Experience”

by khushahal vishwakarma
Viky kaushal

A fan was on a trip to the Maldives when she unexpectedly met actor Vicky Kaushal on her flight. Engaging in a delightful chat, she recounted her fascinating encounter with the celebrity.

Actor Duo Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif recently went out of Mumbai before their 40th birthdays. The couple even posed for the paparazzi at Mumbai airport. They had headed to the Maldives to celebrate Vicky’s birthday. Now, a fan named Akriti Rana has posted a video of her encounter with Vicky Kaushal on the flight.

The Fan Talks to Vicky Kaushal:

Akriti recently shared a post on her Instagram. The reels started with Akriti holding her passport and standing with her belongings.Setting off on an adventure to an unfamiliar land, an unexpected event occurred during the flight.

After settling into their seats on the flight, she gazed forward, gently clasping her hand over her mouth, and whispered, “I spotted someone I’ve been longing to meet.” Her accompanying friend sitting beside her chimed in, “Let’s seize the chance and go.”

The Fan is Encouraged to Meet Vicky:

Akriti’s friend then urged her to go and meet Vicky since she was feeling shy. She wrote, “And my friend convinced me to say ‘Hi’ to him.” After a while, Akriti returned to her seat, writing, “But the air hostess sent me back, saying it’s too disruptive.”

Vicky Kaushal

Vicky Personally Calls the Fan:

\She continued her video with, “And then he called me himself!” “Once more, her companion urged her onward, and she tripped, finding herself near the plane’s front.”Afterward, Akriti smiled for the camera, standing with Vicky. She lovingly looked at him and wrote, “Look at me (with a smiling emoji).” Akriti added the background music of the song “Obsessed” in her video.

The Fan Writes a Note for Vicky:

She shared the post, writing, “Wow, he’s incredibly cute! As I mustered the courage to approach him, the flight attendant redirected me, and he responded with a apologetic expression.” Fifteen minutes later, the air hostess said, ‘He’s calling you, come over.’ He’s so charming! @vickykaushal09 I never get swooned by anyone, but his personality made me do it (laughing emoji).”

Others Remember Their Experiences with Vicky:

In response to the post, some people shared their own experiences with Vicky. According to a passionate supporter, ‘He truly embodies warmth and kindness. I saw him at Mumbai airport and screamed ‘Vicky’ out of excitement.With a warm smile, he returned and happily posed for a photo with our group.

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