Home News Watch:During the Asia Cup match, Gautam Gambhir lost his cool amid chants of ‘Virat Kohli,’ making a controversial gesture towards the crowd

Watch:During the Asia Cup match, Gautam Gambhir lost his cool amid chants of ‘Virat Kohli,’ making a controversial gesture towards the crowd

by khushahal vishwakarma
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Gautam Gambhir is currently making waves on social media due to a viral video of him making a questionable gesture amidst the chants of ‘Virat Kohli’ during the Asia Cup match between India and Pakistan. Gambhir, who is part of the current Asia Cup broadcasting team, appeared to lose his cool as the crowd repeatedly chanted Virat Kohli’s name. While it’s unclear exactly what got Gambhir riled up, he chose an inappropriate gesture to express his frustration, which was unbecoming of a two-time World Cup winner.

Gambhir has a history of butting heads with Kohli, including incidents during the IPL. However, he has always maintained his composure in such situations. But the recent videos of Gambhir’s outburst have caused quite a stir on the internet, possibly putting him in an uncomfortable position.

Gautam Gambhir Watch the video below :

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It appears that this video was filmed during a rain delay. As both teams were taking a break in the dugout and changing room, Gambhir was seen walking around near the sight screen. While the sequence of events isn’t entirely clear, when Gambhir was heading back, his attention was focused on a section of the crowd chanting ‘Kohli-Kohli.’ It’s not clear if it was a specific group Gambhir was upset with or something else, but he made a controversial gesture that ignited a buzz on the internet.

Looking at Kohli and Gambhir’s history, there’s no secret that they had a competitive phase. During their time as teammates from 2008 to 2011, their relationship took a competitive turn, particularly during a heated exchange in IPL 2012. Gambhir’s aggressive send-off to Kohli didn’t sit well with the young Kohli, and they had a verbal altercation, even exchanging heated words with their Delhi team mates. Despite assurances about their relationship, tensions have persisted.

They hadn’t crossed paths much until this year’s IPL when a conversation between Kohli and Gambhir during a match between Lucknow Super Giants and Royal Challengers Bangalore grabbed headlines. After a successful opening match for LSG, Gambhir’s aggressive handshake with Kohli created a lot of discussion. Thankfully, the matter was resolved as Kohli and Gambhir posed for photos together to quell media speculation.

However, this reconciliation seemed short-lived. Following that altercation, tensions escalated, and just before Gambhir’s takeover as a mentor for LSG, there was a heated confrontation between Kohli and Afghanistan’s fast bowler Navin-ul-Haq. During the match, there was a heated exchange of words between Gambhir and Kohli, and a few days later, a video captured Gambhir’s reaction to the ‘Kohli-Kohli’ chants, where he gave a stern look before entering the dressing room.

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