how to connect jbl wireless headphones

Power Up: Ensure your headphones are fully charged for a smooth connection. Most models use micro USB or USB-C cables.

Find the Hero: Locate the pairing button – usually on the right earcup near the power button. Refer to your manual for its exact location.

Activate Bluetooth: On your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other device, navigate to Bluetooth settings and switch it on.

– First Time Connection: Most JBL headphones automatically enter pairing mode when powered on for the first time. Look for a blinking blue or white light.

– Subsequent Connections: If it's not your first rodeo, hold the pairing button (usually 3-5 seconds) until the light starts blinking.

Discover Your Headphones: Open your device's Bluetooth settings and look for your JBL headphones listed. They might appear as "JBL LIVE 650BT" or "JBL TUNE 115BT."

Connect and Confirm: Tap on your headphones and wait for the connection to establish. Some devices might require a code ("0000" unless specified).

Listen Up! Once connected, your headphones should announce the connection, and the light usually stops blinking. Enjoy your wireless audio freedom!