Stunning assignment in Bigg Boss, the most grounded competitor caught in the round of disposal

Bigg Boss 17 Nomination: Looking at the latest nominations in the show, it can be said that now the contestants will have to take every step forward to survive in the show

Regardless of how solid a player he will be, he should make his game more grounded if not he will be terminated from Bigg Bo

This time even the most grounded player is trapped in the assignment

Alongside the competitors, the creators additionally appear to be seriou

From expulsion to selection and assignments, the competitors are passing on zero chance to push forward

Till now, two celebs have been at the forefront of being the most grounded players in Bigg Boss 17

These incorporate the names of Ankita Lokhande and Munawwar Faruqui

Ankita has been selected in past designations, yet nobody has had the option to trap Munavvar till now. Be that as it may, even his endeavours didn't work this time