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When you see this message, please call me: A new WhatsApp scam involving fake recruiters from America is on the rise

by khushahal vishwakarma

In the increasing wave of WhatsApp scams, fraudulent recruiters, claiming to be from the United States, are deceiving people with fake calls and messages. Listen to the story.

A new WhatsApp scam is emerging, connecting fraudulent recruiters with the United States. Scammers are using fake phone numbers from the United States to make calls and deceive people. These scammers pretend to be important individuals related to work, such as bosses, colleagues, and sometimes senior executives of big companies. By doing so, they make their plans seem more credible.

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According to an INS report, several employees working for a major media company in the main city received numerous fake international calls. The callers introduced themselves as high-ranking officials and initiated conversations. The scammers even sent messages like “Reply to me when you see this. Thank you.” It seemed like these messages were from top management. The fake calls appeared to be from American numbers, with codes like +1 (404) for Atlanta, Georgia, and +1 (773) for Chicago, Illinois.

Just a few months ago, many people in India were troubled by countless unwanted calls from foreign countries. These calls put people at risk of losing money or revealing personal information. People received these calls from distant places like Africa and Southeast Asia. They even received strange messages from unknown individuals. The influx of unwanted content has made using WhatsApp more difficult. In India, about 500 million people use WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta.

However, these numbers might appear to come from countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Ethiopia, but that’s not always the case. These hoax calls don’t necessarily originate from these places. Many of them started with numbers like +251 (Ethiopia), +62 (Indonesia), +254 (Kenya), and +84 (Vietnam).

Another scam is also ongoing. Some people in India are receiving fake job offers through WhatsApp messages. People need to be cautious and not fall for these traps. It’s important to stay vigilant when using platforms like WhatsApp and other messaging apps. To stay safe from scams on platforms like WhatsApp, verify the identity before sharing personal information. Enable 2FA, be cautious of links, and block/report spam. Keep your apps updated, educate yourself about common scams, and use privacy settings. Share security tips with family, have a trusted mindset, and secure devices with strong passwords. Avoid sensitive activities on public Wi-Fi. Regularly review accounts for unauthorized transactions.

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