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Wyze cameras let owners see into a stranger’s home

by hrithik singh t
Wyze cameras

Wyze cameras let owners see into a stranger

After an AWS blackout today, our servers got over-burden and it undermined some client information. We have now recognized a security issue where a few clients had the option to see thumbnails of cameras that were not their own in the Occasions tab. Luckily, they couldn’t see live transfers or watch these recordings, just the thumbnails were noticeable.

Up until this point we’ve gathered 14 reports of this occurrence, however we are as of now distinguishing every single impacted client. These impacted clients will be advised as quickly as possible. We will likewise send warning to all Wyze clients making sense of what occurred.

When we saw these reports we brought down the Occasions tab. We then included an additional layer of confirmation for every client before they could see thumbnails. To be additional protected, we are presently force logging out all clients who have utilized the Wyze application today to reset tokens.

We will make sense of in more detail once we complete the process of exploring precisely how this occurred and further advances we will take to ensure it doesn’t reoccur. Once more, we are extremely upset for the burden today. Because of every individual who aided report episodes and got gadgets back on the web. Our most profound expressions of remorse to everybody impacted.


Q: What happened during the AWS blackout today?

A: Our servers became over-burden and it led to a security issue where some clients were able to see thumbnails of cameras that were not their own in the Events tab.

Q: Were these clients able to access live streams or watch recordings from these cameras?

A: No, they could only see the thumbnails and were not able to access any live streams or recordings.

Q: How many reports have you received so far regarding this occurrence?

A: We have received 14 reports of this incident, but we are currently identifying all impacted users.

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