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Zarina Hashmi: Celebrating the 86th Birthday of an Indian-American Artistic Pioneer – Google Doodle Tribute

by khushahal vishwakarma
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Google Doodle is celebrating the 86th birthday of influential Indian-American artist Zarina Hashmi, known for her minimalistic and abstract artworks.Today,

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About a Zarina Hashmi

Google Doodle commemorates the birthday of the extraordinary Indian-American artist Zarina Hashmi, who would have been 86 today. Created by New York-based guest artist Tara Anand, Doodle pays homage to her signature geometric and minimalist style.

According to media reports, Zarina was known for her unusual sculptures, prints and artworks. His artistic creations skillfully used abstract and geometric shapes to evoke deep spiritual experiences in the viewer and reflected the essence of the minimalist movement.

Zarina Hashmi was born in 1937 in the small town of Aligarh, India, and spent her early childhood with four siblings until the division of India forced her family and countless others to relocate to Karachi in newly formed Pakistan.

At the youthful age of 21, Zarina enters into matrimony with a vibrant diplomat and commences a journey spanning the globe. On her travels to Bangkok, Paris and Japan, she discovered the field of graphic arts and delved into the influences of modern and abstract art movements.



In 1977, Zarina Hashmi reached a milestone in New York, where she became a strong advocate for women of color and artists. As she delved deeper into the world of activism, she found herself drawn to the Heresies Collective, an influential feminist publication committed to examining the confluence of politics, art, and the pursuit of social justice.

Zarina then accepted a professorship at the New York Feminist Art Institute, an institution that advocates equal educational opportunities for female artists. In 1980 she was co-curator of the exhibition “Dialectique de l’isolation: une exposition de femmes artistes du tiers monde au USA” at the A.I.R. Gallery.This exhibition has played a key role in revealing the artistic voices and perspectives of women artists from marginalized backgrounds.



Zarina Hashmi’s identity as a Hindu, born into the Muslim faith, had a profound impact on her artistic expression, particularly her early works, which often incorporated Islamic religious motifs and intricate geometric designs that exuded a unique beauty.

The captivating allure of ‘s artwork continues to mesmerize global audiences, demonstrated by his ongoing display in esteemed establishments like the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. , among many others.

These valuable internships testify to the appeal and importance of Zarina Hashmi’s artistic contribution, which has firmly established itself in the art world.


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