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Zomato share price came first today, investors are worried!

by khushahal vishwakarma
Zomato share price

With the help of Zomato, the offline food company in India, anyone can eat food online sitting at home. You may have never known how to use Zomato, although Zomato is very famous in India.

Zomato made its debut in the stock market in the year 2021 in which many unknown people invested their money in Zomato. Zomato’s IE came down to ₹76 per share, after which it went up to ₹116 per share in the NSE market and ₹115 per share in the BSE market.

Many enterprises have made special business profits on Zomato shares, but some such businessmen are still required. Every investor in the stock market should keep an eye on the share price of Zomato today so that it can earn profits from this company at the right time.

Therefore, read the information about Zomato Share Price Today through this article and also update it every day according to the share price.

Zomato share price today

Today, on October 5 (Thursday), the share price of Zomato will be ₹ 101.25 per share in the stock market. Yesterday (October 4, Wednesday) the share price of Zomato in the stock market was ₹ 103.50 per share, which increased to ₹ 101.25 per share by the close of the market.

Today’s share price of the company (on the market store)
Zomato ₹101.25 per share
There are small changes in Zomato share price every day, to get updates on Zomato Share Price Today you can stay connected with our website or also join our Telegram channel.

These are 52 weeks low and 52 weeks high
The share price of each company in the stock market has its highest share price of 52 weeks and lowest share price of 52 weeks. Every stock market investor must look at the 52-week low and 52-week high share price of that company before investing his money in any company.

Also read- As soon as Zomato became profitable, brokerage companies rushed to increase their target prices.

The current 52-week low of Zomato is ₹44.35 per share and the 52-week high is ₹105.90 per share. As soon as there is any change in both this week’s low and week’s high, it will be updated here.

tomato share price latest update
Zomato publicly released its Q1 results in August this year, which is the FY24 earnings report, according to which Zomato has currently earned a net profit of Rs 2 crore. Due to this, the total revenue of the company at present is Rs 2,416 crore.

Also, let us tell you that for the first time, Zomato company has prepared the profit table for its entire package because the share prices of this company have also increased a bit.

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