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Zuckerberg says Quest 3 is the better product vs. Apple’s Vision Pro

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Zuckerberg says Quest 3

Zuckerberg says Quest 3 is the better product

Entering the visit is Meta President Imprint Zuckerberg, who has more in question than maybe anybody on the planet in the event that Apple does to headsets what the iPhone did to cell phones. In a video presented on his Instagram account on Tuesday, Zuckerberg gives his authority decision on the Vision Genius versus his organization’s most recent Mission 3 headset: “I don’t simply believe that Journey is the better worth, I think Mission is the better item, time frame.”

While being shot by the Mission 3’s video passthrough framework in his parlor, Zuckerberg features the tradeoffs Apple made to get the fanciest presentation conceivable into something that can be worn on your head in an adequate structure factor. He says the Journey 3 weighs 120 grams less, making it more agreeable to wear for longer. He likewise says it takes into consideration more noteworthy movement because of its absence of a wired battery pack and more extensive field of view than the Vision Star.

He thinks the Mission’s choice of actual hand regulators and hand following for input is better, however he says he love eye following for some utilization cases and prods that it will get back to future Meta headsets subsequent to appearing in the Journey Expert. He says the Journey has a superior “vivid” content library than Apple, which is in fact valid until further notice, however he concedes that the Vision Expert is a superior diversion gadget. And afterward there’s the way that the Journey 3 is, as Zuck says, “similar to multiple times more affordable.”

Toward the finish of the video, Zuckerberg thanks his group that has been building VR headsets for quite a while — a message that appears to contain a we can breathe a sigh of relief, people vibe. As I examined with Zuckerberg as of late, the facts really confirm that Meta has a colossal early advantage and will be the uncontested innovator in headset deals for some time. You could in fact pose a powerful viewpoint, as Zuckerberg does, that today, the Journey 3 is a preferable headset for the vast majority over the Vision Expert.

Yet, what Zuckerberg doesn’t say in his video is that Apple has clear equipment and designer biological system benefits, the last option of which requires some investment to fire up with another item classification like this. Meta might be breathing a murmur of help at the present time. In any case, this is a round of perseverance. What’s more, the headset wars are simply beginnin


Q: What did Zuckerberg say about the new Quest 3 headset?

A: Zuckerberg stated that the Quest 3 is a better product than the Vision Pro and that it is a better value for consumers.

Q: Why does Zuckerberg think the Quest 3 is a better product?

A: Zuckerberg highlights the lighter weight, greater range of motion, and better content library of the Quest 3 compared to the Vision Pro.

Q: What tradeoffs did Apple make with the Vision Pro?

A: According to Zuckerberg, Apple made tradeoffs in order to fit a high-quality display into a wearable headset, resulting in a heavier and less comfortable device.

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